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It’s all about spark.

Services I can offer you: Emcee Services can be done in English, Tagalog or Mandarin Chinese

Conceptualization and development of event program • Script production • Hosting • Standard 2-3 song numbers. Number of songs can be discussed depending on program • Can help recommend other suppliers ie. On The Day Coordination, Bands, etc.



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Cobunsio and Sy Nuptials

Wedding Reception: Manila Peninsula May 13, 2017 We were looking for a host that could give a lively, interesting but always classy performance. Glad to have a found it in KV–and then some! KV actually exceeded expectations by being so quick with his program script and the succeeding revisions.  From the tone of the program to the level of personalization, KV got it right. Fully satisfied with the service he rendered. Thanks KV!    

Mr. Cham Tian and Yu Chun Seng 90th Birthday

Greenhills UNO Seafood Restaurant May 3, 2017 In this age, not many will have the privilege to have both parents still around and healthy at 90, thus it was truly a blessing for us to celebrate the joint 90th birthdays of our parents last May 3, 2017, among family, relatives and friends. The occasion was made even more memorable as they also celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary this year. What was supposed to be a simple family affair became an unforgettable, joyous reunion of families from both sides. Our event host for the night, KV Golamco, helped us conceptualize the program flow and made sure there was order in the party. He added spontaneity and flair to a Chinese-lauriat dinner that would otherwise have been predictable, and captured the interest of a crowd that was more or less traditionally reserved. He kept the guests engaged as he shared tidbits of the couple’s life and love stories. KV was very fluent in English and Mandarin, plus he had a good voice which he showcased with two heartfelt song numbers. The night ended with family, relatives and friends feeling reconnected. Many expressed their joy and happiness to have been part of the celebration. Truly an evening of blessing and worth remembering.

REYES and TANCO Nuptials

Wedding Reception: Shangrila Hotel BGC April 28, 2017 KV is a fantastic host!  Not only did he greatly gin up the energy and kept a smooth flow at our reception, but also was very organized and detail-oriented in helping us prepare for the event.    

Yap and Gonzales Nuptials

Marriot Grand Ballroom March 26, 2017 First of all, me and my wife would like to express our thankful to you for mastering our most important event in our life. Your professionalism with high class performances and hosting made the night so wonderful. I have received many comments of appreciation as everyone had an enjoyable night. Finally the song you sang was the best part and will unforgettable for a short period. I am delighted to recommend you to anyone that needing your service to make those event even more special.  

Gocheco and Huang Nuptials

Sofitel January 14, 2017 Thank you KV for being part of our special day. From the day we had a meeting , for being so organize and experienced in events, and for your quick response , we really appreciate your professional approach when it comes to every detail before the event. And during the event, we did enjoy our reception and my dad even told me that we have a good host for the evening. A lot of guest enjoyed it too and thank you for interacting very well with our guests and thank you for helping us up to the last minute details just before we had our couple entrance. We will definitely refer you to our friends and colleagues. Hope to see you soon on our future events. thank you again and God bless.  


Crown Plaza Hotel September 10, 2016 Thank you for the good wishes and for hosting mama’s 90th birthday. You surely made our event engaging with your dynamic hosting prowessJ. More power to you!          

MA and CHUA Nuptials

Century Hotel April 17, 2016

During our wedding planning stage the first supplier that we focus to find is the emcee because for us hosting a wedding reception is the very crucial part, the host will be the one to set the mood of the guests towards to the wedding reception. And so we keep looking at the internet and we’ve found KV Golamco. We’ve searched many feedbacks and comments about him and they are all positive feedbacks that’s why we immediately contacted him without any hesitation. And now we can say that all the feedbacks that we’ve seen about him are all true! KV is such a wonderful host, he is very easy to talk with and everything he does was beyond our expectation. Our wedding program was very lively and all our guests were very happy, they all participated especially during the games. To cut this short KV was one of the key to our successful wedding day! 

Thank you so much and God bless! 

More power to you!



90TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION Gloria Maris Greenhills May 18, 2016 Hello KV, you being the host on my moms birthday made that night so memorable. Such a big relief on our part how the celebration should go. Your inputs and suggestion really made the event alive and kicking. Not a single dull moment especially sa games. Your singing is outstanding and you sang very clear. I would defiitely recommend you to my friends. Again many many thanks for hosting my moms 90th birthday celebration!!    

ANG and CO Nuptials

Century Seafood Restaurant February 21, 2016 I found KV via google and was surprised that a friend recently had him host their wedding. Naturally I asked them for their comments and it was all positive so I immediately booked him. I admit I became a bridezilla but he was calm and cool all throughout our exchange. It was easy to communicate with him even though I was based abroad and we were just bouncing our ideas around via email. He responded very quickly which gave me one less thing to worry about. I had the whole wedding reception flow planned out but after he looked at it he made some rearrangements that made everything more cohesive and the flow smoother. He followed the plan to a T and we were very pleased. We also asked him to speak slower and he was able to adjust. He has just the right amount of versatility and just the right amount of an uncompromising attitude to give you the perfect blend for an awesome reception.  

Bennett and Suzanne Lim

Wedding Reception Gloria Maris Greenhills February 7, 2016 KV was a wonderful host, one of those suppliers who there’s no need to worry about. He handled us with care from start to finish- from preparations, to discussing with the coordinators the timings, to informing us of programme changes, to seeing our it close and ensuring we were satisfied with his service. He’s very easy to talk to too, and extremely patient with any changes we requested. We were so happy with his services that we refer him to anyone who asks, and will continue to do so. Thank you so much KV for playing a major role in our wedding! 🙂    

Mr. Ricardo Chong

80TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION Lucky Rainbow Shark’s Fin and Seafood January 30, 2016 An energetic and professional host who kept the party fun and light-hearted and also offered reasonable rates for hosting service. Highly-recommended. Thanks KV!  

Ryan and Sherry Tiu Laurel

Wedding Reception Century Park Hotel January 24, 2016 During the planning stages of our wedding, we actually had to go to several bridal fairs for our suppliers, but in the case of our emcee, he was referred to us by a friend. Honestly, it was hard to narrow down and choose from the several names in our suppliers list but hands down, it will have to be KV who will be our host for our special day. He is quite friendly and easy to talk to and very down to earth. He is very professional and easy to work with. It took just a few meetings with him and he already understood what we wanted from him. On the wedding day, he came in early to have a short meeting with us to review our program. Our wedding went on smoothly without a hitch. He is quite versatile as a host, able to do singing in English and Chinese with ease. He is quite an entertainer too – able to liven up the proceedings with his energy and humor. His hosting and timing are impeccable. He was able to work with our wedding coordinators with ease too. We couldn’t have asked for a better host to be a part of our special day. We look forward to working with him again in the future.  

Paulo and Belle Sulit

Wedding Reception Diamond Hotel January 10, 2016 It was the best moment of our lives, KV made it even better. Planning for a marriage can be pretty stressful. Sometimes, things don’t go the way you want it to go. This was not the case. KV was manna from the high-heavens. He pretty much, single-handedly energized the entire reception. His performance was 3 things – Powerful, Entertaining and Personal. But, we’d like to focus more on the last one. If we were to be asked what his best attribute was as a host, it was that he made it personal. He never made us feel that it was just a job, a gig. He made it so personal, we felt like we’ve been close friends for a long time. And this translated to the wedding day. His performance wasn’t like those where you hire someone to host it for you; it was more like when a funny, loud friend of yours entertains your family and friends over dinner. We appreciated that – everybody did. So to all the soon-to-be-official-couples on their way to a lifetime of loving servitude, we highly recommend this guy. You won’t go wrong with KV – at least that’s one thing out of your “wedding-checklist” – “Hire a great MC”. Oh, did we mention he sings well too.  

Patrick and Pauline Lim

Wedding Reception Sampaguita Gardens December 5, 2015 KV was referred to us by our wedding coordinator. He is everything you could ever ask for in a host, and more. He is very accommodating and adjusts well to your situation. He answers emails promptly and is very easy to talk to. His script is well organized and well rehearsed. We were very lucky to have him as our host. On the day of our wedding, he came in early and rehearsed with us (my wife and i, including the coordinator). He was also very very VERY energetic for the whole duration of the wedding, which also caused the event to become very happy and lively. He speaks fluent english. There was not a word mispronounced during his hosting. Apart from the great singing voice he has, he is also very entertaining. I remember him interacting with our guests while singing. All-in-all, KV is a great host. Our wedding was most definitely a success, and KV played a big part in it. We will definitely recommend KV to our soon-to-be-wed friends and families. Thank you so much KV! 🙂  

Richard and Angel Chua

Wedding Reception Sofitel November 29, 2015 Me and my wife Angel is very impressed with Mr. KV Golamco’s performance as our host in our wedding reception last November 29, 2015. Everything was perfectly done. Kv is very good in what he does, he is very easy to work with, in my opinion he is one of the best host out there. All in all he is a great host and I would recommend him to anyone that is in search of a host for their party.  

Jahzon and Taskeen Lih

Wedding Reception Enderun, McKinley, Fort Bonifacio October 10, 2015 We wanted a host that could speak both english and mandarin, so our options are limited. We found some online but KV stood out, i read good reviews, so we decided to set a meeting with him. Everything went good during the meeting that we decided to book him right there and then. And we are glad we did. He was very energetic the whole time, he was friendly, and he shared his insights on things that could make the wedding better. Everything went smoothly and everybody loved his energy and quite a number even asked for his contact details. So i guess, we will be seeing more of KV in the next few months. 😉 Thanks KV for hosting one of the most special day of our lives. May you have many more opportunities to showcase your talent. See you around.  

Hendro and Stefanie Lie

Wedding Reception Fernbrook Gardens September 20, 2015 KV was recommended to us by our wedding organiser Ms. Liza Alviedo of Kasalan Events and we are very glad that we booked his service for our wedding reception. As my husband and I are based overseas, KV made time to meet us whenever we are on a short trip in Manila to settle our wedding. He is organised and well-trained in his field. All our guests were impressed by him as he is entertaining and engaging. There never was a dull moment that night! We truly enjoyed the wedding preparation and the reception night thanks to his professionalism.  

Michael Johnson and Julaenie Lachele See

Wedding Reception Blue Leaf Pavilion, Fort Bonifacio July 26, 2015 KV is such a delight to work with. He would be generous with ideas and solutions as he collaborates with us on coming up with the program. He graciously agreed to my song requests, and I am a happy bride that he learnt 青花瓷 and 當你 to sing for us. He knows how to run the show and gave us advices on how to move along the program. I would definitely recommend him to my friends who are about to tie the knot! Really glad to have you as our host KV!    

Emilio Jr. and Anne Kimber Ang

Wedding Reception Gloria Maris Greenhills July 25, 2015   Thanks sa ginawa mo sunod sunod iyung mga program. Walang umalis na guest natapos nila hangang sa end dahil maganda ang sequence and hosting na ginawa mo thanks ulit!  

Mark & Grace Ong

Wedding Reception Crowne Plaza Hotel May 24, 2015 Hi KV! Thank you for sharing with us your amazing hosting talent! Our wedding reception was everything we had hoped for and you were a big part of it. Everyone had a wonderful time, all thanks to your energetic and spontaneous style of hosting (shifting between english and mandarin), and soothing song numbers. You made our special day fun, festive, warm, and truly memorable. There was no dull moment, the program went on smoothly, and the timing was just perfect. We very much appreciate your professionalism and your down-to-earth personality, not to mention for really taking time to get to know us as a couple. It’s a pleasure knowing and working with you. May you continue to do your hosting magic on weddings/other events. We wish you all the best in your career!  

Emarc and Clare Magtanong

Wedding Reception Gloria Maris Greenhills April 25, 2015 KV Golamco was recommended to us by our sister-in-law. Given her praise and approval of KV, we were very excited and expected a lot from him. But meeting KV, we were blown away by his professionalism (always prompt with his replies, be it in emails, Viber, or whatnot; exchanging ideas, ironing out our program diligently). We completely trusted him with the program. But not only that, even with last minute changes, he was able to carry on with the program with ease and was able to create an excellent rapport with everyone. We were thoroughly entertained throughout the night as seen in our pictures 🙂 To all brides-to-be or grooms-to-be who are reading this: KV Golamco is one of the best suppliers (emcee) whom you will ever come across. He is down-to-earth, enthusiastic, witty, not to mention, good looking, and most importantly, very trustworthy. Keep up the awesome work, KV! See you in future weddings! 😉  

Argee and Anthonette Dimaano

Wedding Reception Sofitel December 27, 2014 Tots and I were married December 27, 2014, Saturday. It was the happiest day of our lives thus far. Everything was wonderfully perfect. Memories were made that would last us a lifetime. You were a fantastic host for our program. As one of my close friends said, he’s been to many weddings and ours was definitely one of the most exciting and fun that he and his wife has ever been. It definitely was not boring. You helped kept our guests, Chinese, Filipino and American, engaged and entertained. In the end, the evening was just that much more memorable because of you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  

Brian and Marissa Tan

Wedding Reception Jade Garden, Glorietta October 26, 2014 KV was referred to us by our good friend. We were at a wedding and saw him working his magic. Our wedding was literally saved by him. Our wedding coordinator was mediocre at best and KV like a superhero made everything ok and smooth. He is literally a bang for the buck total professional who does more than just hosting. He was hands on the whole time from planning to the day itself. Thank you KV for making our wedding a fun memorable event. If we get to golden together I would still hire you as host even if you need a cane to do it. I bet you would twirl the damn thing to show how cool you are!  

Anton and Jacky Uñalivia

Wedding Reception Fernbrook Gardens June 8, 2014 KV is such an energetic host, and with great singing skills too! KV did a good job in making sure that my program script was always up to date, and was willing to learn new songs that I would request, although I just had to choose from his selection that I already loved. Energy level throughout the program was good, thanks to KV, so guests will not get bored when you get him!  

Paul and Ceara Cheah

Wedding Reception Fairmont Hotel May 18, 2014 “KV was a great asset during our wedding. He carried out his role with the highest standards of professionalism. This was very much evident right from the get-go. Ever amiable and cordial, he designed our banquet program with such enthusiasm and patience while considering all of our preferences. On the day itself, he delivered way above expectations and according to plan. My wife and I are thankful to KV for his exemplary work. His ingenuity and creative touch transformed our simple event into a lasting experience. If you want a jovial, well-handled and stress-free reception, please don’t hesitate to make KV a part of your biggest day.”  

Jeffrey and Angelene Tan

Wedding Reception New World Hotel March 23, 2014 KV Golamco displayed mastery when he hosted for us last March 23, 2014. Anything you wanted from a wedding host…. from opening to closing, KV carefully managed the program, time, audience participation, games while keeping the mood alive & romantic during the whole evening. He showed character, poise and elegance during his whole hosting service. What is also amazing about KV is that he is very prompt in answering emails, he gets you updated every so often and is very professional in handling his clients. He easily accommodates our request and has great patience in answering all our queries. So if you are looking for a well-rounded wedding host who can deliver. KV is your guy! To KV, thanks a lot, more power to you and God bless you and your family!  

Joseph and Karen Go

Wedding Reception Gloria Maris Greenhills March 22, 2014

There are a lot of Wedding hosts today but the one that i cant forget was KV. I saw KV on my friends wedding 4 years ago (Aj and Neoli) and i like his style thats why we got him on our Wedding also!! 🙂 He replied so fast on our email conversations regarding our wedding program 🙂 He’s also easy to work with 🙂 Thank you KV for being our Wedding host! 🙂  

Sharon Tan – coordinator of Aaron and Charissa Gail Uy

Wedding Reception Century Seafood Restaurant March 19, 2014

KV is a very talented guy excellent in Chinese mandarin, english, tagalog language and of course he can also sing at the same time. Aside from that KV is also very accommodating, easy to work with, very smart, nice, hardworking and passionate when it comes to hosting. He always strive for excellence and He never fail me to satisfy our clients. I salute KV for being so professional too. You’re the best KV! Keep up the good work. I wish you more projects to come! I look forward to work with you again soon. See yah around, Take care and God Bless! =)  

Robby and Erica Gwei

Wedding Reception Sofitel January 12, 2014 Thanks for making our event so wonderful! We appreciate particularly your professionalism from planning stages up to our celebration. Thanks so much for agreeing to do our groom’s custom and patiently adjusting to changes. No matter how much pre-planning, I and Robby have no clue what’s the exact tradition and even on the day, there’s heaps of versions. Adding this to your international portfolio 😉 What an awesome confident voice you’ve got KV! Despite not seeing you in person before and based on our skype interview only by voice call, this is one factor that caught my attention when looking for a host. (Then followed this with your concise answers!)  

Drs. Frederick and Marie Fay Niegos

Wedding Reception Manila Hotel December 28, 2013 In a God written love story such as ours, we made sure that every aspect of our wedding would be prayed for. We wanted Jesus’s divine order on our big day even to the minute details. The choice of an emcee was one of our prayer focus and made sure that we would only have the best. Lo and behold, KV was the answer to that prayer. He was referred to us by one of our supplier. My husband and I live in the US, we communicate with him by email. He was very professional and detailed in the program planning and preparation. During the reception, he was entertaining and very engaging with the audience. His spontaneity is very evident with a very good voice modulation. What stood out with KV was his passion that emanates from his performance. A man who is truly excellent in his craft. KV thank you for making our wedding day very special and memorable. God bless you abundantly!  

Dino and Catherine Lo

Wedding Reception Crowne Plaza November 10, 2013 We had so many dos and don’ts for our wedding reception, and we knew how extremely crucial it is to have the right host. We knew that even if we planned the perfect program, the success of it all would depend on the emcee. Luckily, we stumbled upon KV’s website. We were having a hard time looking for the right host that we wanted, but finding KV saved the day. He was easy to work with and very accommodating. He made our reception extremely exciting and he was able to accomplish all of our requests perfectly. We can’t get over how much fun we had! It was light and easy and yet classy and elegant. Even our guests were raving about how they had a rousing good time. KV pulled off all planned and unplanned circumstances effortlessly and flawlessly–all at the right time too! At the end of it all, we not only had our dream reception come to fruition with KV, but we also gained a friend. Thank you for celebrating our big day with us.  

Sonny and Yoshimi Bata

Wedding Reception Edsa Shangrila Hotel November 9, 2013 Yoshimi and I would like to thank KV for being a fantastic host. Organizing a wedding reception from overseas can be a difficult task, but KV assisted us from planning the program and writing the script to troubleshooting on the event itself. My friends really enjoyed the games that you have prepared for us! I will definitely recommend you to our family and friends.  

Mrs. Purita Go Rellera

75TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION Edsa Shangrila Hotel October 6, 2013 When I called KV Golamco to host for my mom’s 75th birthday, I was impressed with his professionalism as well his ability to plan and organized the program in one sitting. His hosting was well rehearsed and his boyish charm allows him to carry the crowd with terrific candor and spontaneity. He is funny and entertaining at the same time without being too scripted or bland. Getting KV is the best decision I ever made. He is multi talented, a singer, a host and a comedienne; there was never a dull moment during the party. Everyone was wanting for more. I recommend him to host future events as it is evident that his wit and timing is top notch. He knows how to deliver the punch lines and made our event so memorable and special.  

Joseph and Leslie Tan

Wedding Reception Gloria Maris Greenhills September 15, 2013 Organized and down-to-earth. That’s best describe KV as a host. I personally work with him as I stand as a coordinator for my brother’s wedding. He is open to suggestions and has many funny and creative ideas on how to execute a wedding program. You can never go wrong with KV around. As a first time coordinator, I really need some encouragement and help from someone like KV. Thanks for the good hosting job and we really successfully pulled off the wedding. Specials thanks to Jocelyn Cue. Hope to see u in your future event. God bless!!  

Ceto and Rotch Tan

Wedding Reception Elements at Centris Eton February 10, 2013 We saw KV on our friend’s wedding years ago. He had a big impact on us that when we decided to get married we asked our friend about him. He was the only host who were strongly recommended to us. So we met up with him and he surely wowed us with his professionalism and enthusiasm. He was well-organized, collaborative, really kind and neat. On our wedding day, many of our guests including us were really surprised on how he carried the whole program. Very energetic! Not a dull moment on our wedding day. He sure did made our wedding day extraordinarily special. 🙂 We really made the best decision having him as our host.  

Lester and Jean Ongkoa

Wedding Reception Century Seafood Restaurant January 13, 2013   Weddings are one of those once in a lifetime events that we cherish forever. In our wedding,KV was shall we say the icing on our cake. Everyone had a good time and we even got several inquiries regarding our host. Thank you very much for the wonderful evening and more power to you KV.  

Sandra Llona Tang

50TH GOLDEN BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION Widus Hotel, Clark, Pampanga December 23, 2012 I was surprised during my event, I really did not know who KV Golamco was. Only my event planner, Aillen Lim introduced him to host my party. Then it turn out so good. My guests and relatives was surprised. They really enjoyed the party. Everyone was very impressed. He can host an event speaking in English, Chinese Mandarin, and Filipino. I still want to get his service on my next events. I’m proud and happy to recommend KV Golamco to my friends and family who needs an professional emcee. Lucky to have known him. Looking forward on my next event. Thank you so much KV Golamco for making my 50th Birthday Celebration more fun and memorable.  

Alvin and Dorothy Ching

Wedding Reception Marriot Hotel November 18, 2012 We’re happy to have had KV host our wedding reception. Thanks to him, our program flowed smoothly and was planned around making sure our guests have a good time. KV is energetic, collaborative, and very professional, and this is true from the time you engage with him to the actual event itself. How the wedding reception plays out depends largely on the host and the program … we have no regrets having had KV take care of that for us.  

Christopher and Kirsten Lim

Wedding Reception Century Seafood Restaurant November 11, 2012 A special thanks to our host, KV Golamco. We appreciate the endless drafts to ensure that the program flows smoothly and according to schedule. also when our single’s game had some minor booboo moments, kv shows his versatility in creating yet another fun filled game which makes it even more interesting and entertaining for the guests. Thank you again for being part of our special day and dancing the “oppa gangnam style” with us!  

Sylvester and Jenny Shih

Wedding Reception Sofitel September 23, 2012 We were glad we have KV as our MC for our wedding. He was able to bring our guests engaged during the reception. Your lively hosting & games have also kept our guests entertained. Cheers! and more power to you!  

Nathan and Mandy Siy

Wedding Reception Wack Wack Country Club May 2, 2012 We were excited when we were able to book Mr. Golamco for our special day. We heard he was an amazing wedding host and he didn’t disappoint. He was very professional and structured in the planning stages and took us through everything we needed to know beforehand. His suggestions for music and wedding procedures were well received by our guests. On the day, he managed to make the entire event go-off without a hitch and we thank him for that. Finally, our friends and family love the games and activities that he helped us plan. They added a level of excitement and fun for everyone. I definitely recommend Mr. Golamco as he’ll be able to make your special day even more special.  

Jeremy and Racquel So

Wedding Reception Gloria Maris Greenhills March 31, 2012 We got KV because of a friend’s recommendation. They got him for their wedding last 2008. KV is very organized and very professional. He is easy to talk to and he gives you great advice. Thank you for being a great emcee at our wedding!!  

Marlon and Jenette Gravador

Wedding Reception Marriott Hotel January 8, 2012 As I was planning my wedding, I really did not know who KV was. I had never seen his work but I took a chance booking him as my host and I never regretted it. He is very easy to talk to and he was very friendly and full of energy during my wedding reception. He really knows what he’s doing. I would definitely recommend him to my friends.  

Mario and Kristine Aquino

Wedding Reception Gloria Maris Greenhills November 12, 2011 KRISTINE: Five months of preparation is not enough for a one time event in our lives, our wedding. No matter how perfect we want it to be, there’ll be some last minute problems… that’s how we have set our minds so as not to be frustrated and ruin the big day. As it turned out, we celebrated our wedding day last November 12, 2011 with very few things to think of. It turned out to be memorable in many ways. Thanks to our wedding planner, The Knots, and of course to our host, KV Golamco, who made it all easy for us. KV was referred to us by our wedding planner as we wanted someone for a host who could speak English and Chinese. We met with him just once, and the rest are through emails. To our surprise, plotting of program was so quick and we were really satisfied with his suggestions. Not only that, he is easy to work with, professional yet not intimidating nor awkward in any way. Guess what? He also have a good voice, he rendered 3 songs on our wedding as part of the program. Our relatives thought that KV was Mario’s bestfriend. We feel lucky to have known him. KV is the “real thing!!!” MARIO: yes it was tough when we started to search for our wedding suppliers. I was looking for a host who can accommodate the expectation of my parent’s guests. The wedding date was five months away when I proposed to Kristine. When Kris and I met KV for our formal gathering of our ideas, his 1st sentence was “OK, I had drafted the program already and let me know if you need changes”. Along the Programs he outlined, we saw some song he listed and I made him sing some of it and he confidently did the Michael Bubble (appreciated). I’ve been to some wedding reception and I know how hard it is to make a program run as smooth like a movie productions. To my surprise, KV really made everything fun and easy. There were no pause awkward moments along his programs. Kristine and I just watched and enjoyed the night away. Really a pleasure to have met you. “THE REAL THING”!  

Oliver and Joanna Go

Wedding Reception New World Hotel October 30, 2011 Kudos to KV – a superb host for our special day! He can deliver speeches and sings very well, whether you want it in English, Mandarin or Filipino. Has many new and unique ideas for the wedding program, we didn’t have to worry anything during the reception. Plus, he can surely captivate the crowd with his witty sense of humor. My husband and I can’t thank KV enough for turning our wedding into a very special and memorable lifetime experience. We are more than happy to recommend you to our friends and family who will need your professional sevice! Thank you KV! My emcee, coordinator and friend!  


Debut Program Sofitel October 28, 2011 It was already panic time for me as it was barely three weeks away from my daughter’s debut and I didn’t have any emcee yet. I was able to find a long list of emcees in the internet but only a few of them managed to upload a video of their on-site hosting. After comparing what each had to offer, I finally chose KV. And I can confidently say that I made the right choice! I was also fortunate enough that he was free on the day of my daughter’s debut given his numerous engagements. My initial meeting with him revealed his competence in drafting a program. He finished the first draft in one-sitting! He gave smart suggestions that made the program lively and smooth-flowing.During the celebration, he showed his flexibility to accommodate some last-minute adjustments without getting rattled. He was also able to encourage my daughter’s friends to participate in the games. Most importantly, he was able to establish a very good rapport with the guests,both young and old. He truly sustained their interest from start to finish. Seldom can you find a very good emcee and singer both rolled into one. I am glad to have found one in KV! Kudos to you, KV.  


Wedding Reception Manila Hotel September 25, 2011 KV was recommended to us by a friend who had him emcee their wedding. He’s very well organized, and makes sure he runs through everything with us so that the reception will go smoothly. During the preparation of our wedding, KV had to go abroad for some time. But he makes sure that he keeps in touch through email even when he is thousands of miles away. Very accommodating and very professional as well. Our wedding reception started out with a few glitches (the band got lost), but KV was able to divert the audiences’ attention by starting with the games (which was originally intended for mid-reception) so that the audience won’t get restless while waiting. We couldn’t have made a better choice in choosing him.  

Terence and Merlyn Ang

Wedding Reception Mandarin Oriental Hotel May 29, 2011 KV is one of the suppliers that we had totally no problems with. He was very easy to talk to, especially towards the latter part before our wedding day. He was very patient in waiting for our response for revisions to our wedding program to ensure that everything goes smoothly and according to plan. He is one articulate and keen to details wedding host. Minutes before our program, we sat down to go through the spellings and pronunciations of the names of the entourage ensuring that the flow of the whole program will be executed smoothly. Thank you very much KV Golamco for making a memorable and fun wedding night for us!!  

Jerson and Ann Santiago

Wedding Reception New World Hotel January 30, 2011 KV must be one of our easiest suppliers to talk to. He was very patient in revising our program to make sure the reception will be fun and memorable. It has been almost a month since our wedding and yet people who attended still continuously ask us who our host was that evening. KV has clearly captured the hearts of our guests – the young ones, the young once, the not so young, the feeling young and those trying to be young. His sincere enthusiasm and energy was so contagious; he was able to get every bit of the audience’s attention. Indeed, he was the perfect host to our fun wedding!  

Jordan and Melody Ong

Wedding Reception Golden Bay Restaurant January 15, 2011 KV did a wonderful job hosting our wedding. He has a very unusual/unique way of livening up the party through audience participation. He was able to make even the shiest contestant in our couple’s game dance to the tune of careless whisper . And he even sings great ballads. We had no worries working with him,from first day of meeting up to the last coordination meeting, everything went on smoothly with KV. What more could you ask for? I would love to recommend KV to friends in the future. Scale of 1to5, I give him 4.999+++ =)  

Joel & Aiya Tan

Wedding Reception New World Hotel November 13, 2010 What can we say.. Well, before getting KV, we completely know nothing about him except for the fact that he emceed an event for a friend and incidentally was attended by my sis who in return recommended him to us. We knew we had found the right emcee the moment we had our first meeting. He was funny, spontaneous and engaging, and on our D-Day, he kept the event alive, no drag and he ended everything on time. He was very entertaining that my sis is getting him once more for their wedding this May, and, what amazes us was why would a COO of a firm would still need an emceeing gig : ).. Maybe, its the entertainer in him : ) So, guys, if you choose him for your event in the near future, you chose right.  

Michael and Diana Chua

Wedding Reception Heritage Hotel March 21, 2010 We have to met KV at the wedding expo booth 1-2 weeks before our wedding it was really such a short time since me and my hubby are both residing abroad, nevertheless he was able to give us great ideas for the games and how the flow of the program should be; And it the end…… the guests had a wonderful time, a great host ,a fantastic singer, a perfect wedding. What more can we ask for!!! Thanks KV for being part of our wedding that will last a lifetime.  

Kelvyn and Kimberly Que

Wedding Reception Edsa Shangri La Hotel January 10, 2010 First time I met KV my initial reaction was “This man is good!”. True enough KV really delivered and rocked our wedding. During the planning, he was very open with our suggestions on how we would like the program to be and have amazing inputs. I guess we got all very excited with the “extraordinary” entourage reception entrance and everybody in the audience partied!!! He was also very flexible with the changes and demands made on the spot. What can we say? –> Two thumbs up for one amazing host!!! Thanks KV!!! You really made our wedding extra special 🙂  

Bingbong and Jozel Gutierrez

Wedding Reception Manila Peninsula Hotel December 29, 2009 KV is a natural born host/singer… a talented guy who is obviously a master of his crafts. He grazes the stage as if it is his own, emcees lively and articulately; and sings like a seasoned balladeer. You would neither think twice nor doubt his abilities from the conception of the program to the part where he says goodbye and leaves the audience in awe. We could not think of anything that any other emcee could do to make our wedding reception any better than the way KV carried it out. Cheers to you, KV!  

Marvin & Desiree Ho

Wedding Reception Edsa Shangri La Hotel January 3, 2010 KV is such a wonderful host!! Im glad that Marv and I made the right choice in choosing him. The program was fun and lively, just the way we liked it. I liked the fact that he asked first what our personalities were like and he integrated it in the program. KV was also a big help to us in the sense that he doesnt panic when unforeseen circumstances arises. Like adding another AVP to an already packed program. His suggestions and creative ideas really helped make our wedding a night to remember. In fact a lot of my friends were complimenting his hosting skills. Plus I like the fact that he serenaded us with his rendition of ” YOU RAISED ME UP”. Thank you KV. More power to you and GOD bless!!  

Maria Theresa P. Tenedero – Recruitment Officer (Ratings for Non-Cement Fleets), KGJS Fleet Management Manila, Inc.

KGJS SEAFARERS AND FAMILY CHRISTMAS PARTY Oceana Restaurant, SM Mall of Asia December 12, 2009 KV, thanks for helping us make our Seafarer’s Christmas Party 2009 a huge success. Its your spontaneity that I appreciated the most. You handled even the last minute changes in the program very well, which to me is a good sign of professionalism. Thanks too for helping our program committee design and shape the flow of the party. Your ideas were creative and truly your proposals got the best of our interest. Thanks a lot again. So for event coordinators out there: Want an organized but fun party at the same time? KV’s definitely one of the hosts you don’t want to miss!  


Wedding Reception Manila Peninsula Hotel September 25, 2009 One of the best all-around hosts that’s rockin’ weddings and events everywhere. A man full of passion and energy, he was there with us from day 1 helping us plan our wedding. With his experience and expertise, he put on quite a show for our guests. It was pure energy from the start of the program. He started off with the lively introductions and sang to the tune of michael buble with the manila philharmonic orchestra! it was truly a perfect wedding. We couldn’t ask for anything more from our host. If you guys are looking for a host who’s Cool, Intelligent, Easy To Talk To, Passionate, Understands How To Parties Are Done Nowadays, NO BS & PHOTOGENIC! look NO further. The Host I am talking about is the Executioner himself. He is no other than Mr. KV GOLAMCO.  

Frederick and Kristel Sow

Wedding Reception Manila Pavilion Hotel October 25, 2009 First of, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for making our wedding extra special. It would not have been fun and entertaining without you. During our meeting with KV, i remember him telling us “ako ang bahala sa kasal niyo”. And judging by the comments we got from family and friends, KV did a remarkable hosting job. Highly recommended! Two thumbs-up!  

Brian and Jan Go

Wedding Reception NBC Tent August 2, 2009 We were right in choosing KV to be our host because our wedding turned out great! He was very hands-on from the 1st time we met, always has great suggestions and made sure that the wedding program will suit both our personalities. On the day of the wedding, he was able to adjust well to changes and made sure that we are still the priority the whole night. Highly recommended if you’re looking for an unforgettable celebration! 🙂  

Ronnie and Grace Chan

Wedding Reception Wack Wack Golf and Country Club July 23, 2009 在我们结婚一周年之际,我衷心地向我们的婚宴主持人—吴林高先生表达最诚挚的谢意!籍着天主的慈爱,让我和我老公有机会请到吴林高作为我们的中、英、菲三语主持人,他不但给我们的婚礼增辉添彩,让宾主尽欢,而且帮我们的婚姻生活开创了美好的开始!林高,真的非常欣赏你的主持风格—充满魅力却不张扬、幽默风趣却不低俗、激情洋溢却不过火、行事敏捷却无疏漏!你真的是最专业、最棒的主持人!再次感谢你!  

Gary and Jaclyn Rabo

Wedding Reception Manila Hotel May 10, 2009 KV rocks as an event host. With his energetic and lively presence, he steered our program to an exciting direction. Never a dull moment with him as our emcee. That’s KV! PS: He was very flexible during the planning stage and he made us feel that our occasion is as important to him as to us.  

Jerwin and Jennifer Guan

Wedding Reception Glass Garden, Pasig May 17, 2009 KV was such a great host. If we could relive our wedding day, we wouldn’t change any of it, especially getting KV to host our special day. He’s very professional and shows passion for what he does. The wedding program was such a success that young and old alike definitely enjoyed every part of it. He definitely made it easier for us cause he was always available if we had any concerns. For someone as good as him, he definitely deserves to be HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.! thanks KV!  

Ambassador Antonio I. Basilio – Managing Director and Resident Representative, The Manila Economic and Cultural Office, Taiwan

111th Philippine Independence Day Cocktail Reception Grand Hi Lai Hotel, Kaohsiung, Taiwan June 12, 2009 As the de facto Philippine Embassy in Taiwan, our office annually hosts a cocktail reception in celebration of the Philippine Independence Day in Taiwan. This event is attended by dignitaries from the Philippines and the host government. Among our guests are members of the diplomatic corps and leaders of the business sector and the Filipino Community in Taiwan. This year, we invited KV to co-emcee our program. I noticed the difference in hiring a professional emcee as KV was able to make the transition from one activity to another rather smoothly. He was able to catch the guests’ attention and make timely adjustments according to changes. His singing is not bad either! All told KV made our event flow smoothly and keep the audience attention – not easy to do in a cocktail party scenario where usually after the speeches and toast everybody start to meander to eat or start conversations.  


Wedding Reception Century Seafood Restaurant May 10, 2009 “Perfect” KV has made a nice impression on our wedding, and the best performance of a lifetime! hope we can do this again with KV for our diamond wedding anniversary or even the golden wedding anniversary! Thanks KV’s for being part of our special occassion. Guys believe me ” He is highly recomended…..  

Darwin and Chenzie Chua

Wedding Reception Century Hotel April 18, 2009 KV is very spontaneous in everything that he does, he pretty makes sure that there aren’t any awkward moments during the event. We are very delighted that we got you as our host. We also enjoyed you serenading us and I do bet our guest did as well…… KUDOS to you KV!!!!!!!!  

Neil & Cathy Sy

Wedding Reception Century Hotel Ballroom November 16, 2008 We had made a right choice, getting you to host our wedding. you made our special day extra special. Thank you so much for the wonderful night.  

Jay and Camille Ang

Wedding Reception Hyatt Hotel and Casino February 1, 2009 The first time I saw KV was on a bridal fair 3 or 4 years back. I went to his booth and asked for his business card. Even if we did not have definite wedding date and all at that time. I made a mental note to put him on top of the list as our host. Finally, we made our decision to get him as our host. Since we’re based abroad, we only communicated through emails & messenger. We just had our ONE & ONLY meeting 3 days before the wedding day. Yet everything turned out well-made and enjoyable!! Being so professional, flexible, pleasant, passionate host he is now. It is so evident that KV would do BIG!!! Thumbs-up to KV!!! We would unquestionably refer you to our friends & families. Thank you so much!!  

Stephen and Yehnn Lim

Wedding Reception Annapolis Seafood Palace January 03, 2009 KV, remember what i told you when I first emailed you to inquire? I was clicking on one website and clicked on yours accidentally. I said for whatever reason, let’s see. That accidental click led me to my wedding emcee! Now, i realize it was a mistake i’ll gladly do over again 😀 In your status you don’t have to do events hosting; but I think you love doing it. I think it’s your passion and hey, you’re good in what you do. Friends even asked how I got to know you. They thought we ‘re old friends. Magaling ka na guapo ka pa daw 😉 It was a relief that you were able to suggest something (at the last minute) for the game that I have poorly prepared for. That was good and quick thinking. Thank you. What touched me most was our nephew’s surprise song number. Thank you for having thought of incorporating that into our program. We were so proud of him. After that stint, I guess that won’t be his last performance during family gatherings 🙂 Sincerely from our hearts, Stephen and I would like to thank you for doing a good, good job. You were so easy to work with. We’ll definitely refer you to relatives and friends.  

Jeff & Minet King

Wedding Reception Legend Seafood Restaurant October 26, 2008 On our special night, Everything went smoothly simply because we chose the right host. KV was very professional from the the very first meeting. He presented his proposal and we liked it. We appreciated how he had the initiative to meet us a number of times, and those talks sure made things easy for us. On the night itself, everything went just the way we planned it. Each guest felt comfy and entertained. Many of our relatives and friends commended us for choosing an excellent host. KV sang nicely and we liked how he was dynamic and spontaneous playing the crowd that the event was able to start on time and ended nicely. Thanks KV for a job well done!  

Anthony and Jamaica Ortiz

Wedding Reception Annapolis Seafood Restaurant December 7, 2008 Our wedding reception was a blast! Everyone was so happy and inspired with the style of hosting. Old and young alike, could testify that there was never a dull moment. The atmosphere was just alive and electric. KV was such a professional entertainer. Thank you so much and we hope to be working with him again soon, for our other celebrations.  

Paolo and Aileen Castro

Wedding Reception Wack Wack Golf and Country Club November 9, 2008 Kavi is practically family, having known him since we were kids. So when the time came to get a wedding host, we never considered anyone else for the job. There is just no dull moment when you are with him (whether it would be with a handful of people or a hundred or even a thousand). He was always available during the planning stages and would even free up his schedule just to accomodate us, especially as the wedding date approached. During the reception program, we never had those silent, awkward moments. Kavi was able to smoothen those humps and bumps that always occur at some point during weddings. He is all how a wedding host should be: PROFESSIONAL, FRIENDLY, LIVELY and NO Corny jokes.  

Ar-jan and Joy Cheng

Wedding Reception Blue Leaf Pavilion November 23, 2008 In our event, KV hosted exceptionally well, he entertained our guests, we had fun, and he kept the program running well in tamdem with his partner organizer. He is so accomodating even meeting with us and being flexible with schedules and times. We thank KV so much for making our once in a lifetime experience, once in a lifetime.  

Franco and Elaine De Lara

Wedding Reception Edsa Shangri La Hotel August 8, 2008 KV Golamco was a very efficient and entertaining host. We got his card at a bridal fair, and we’re glad he was the one we ended up with. He was always prompt from the very beginning, whether it be a meeting, the drafts or what have you. After informing him of what we wanted, he pretty much took care of everything else. Being so busy with the wedding preps and all, we failed to read the drafts he sent us, but with KV, it wasn’t a problem. He kept us up to date thru texts and calls, giving us ideas we wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. The reception wouldn’t have gone smoothly (and quickly, exactly what we wanted) if not for him. He was a pro. He even granted us a song which wasn’t in his repertoire, and we had our first dance with him singing the song for us. Indeed, the reception became a memorable one because of him. No regrets at all with this guy! KV, thank you so much for being a part of our day. We hope you become more successful (if you aren’t already) in this. We’ll get you to host again on our anniversaries, ok? =)  

Wilbert & Jean Militante

Wedding Reception Xavier Estates, Cagayan de Oro City September 1, 2008 We are living in New York City and we wanted to have a church wedding in our hometown in Cagayan de Oro City. It’s hard to plan a wedding when you are in another country, especially the wedding reception since that’s where most of the guests would be at. We wanted it to be interesting enough that people would not be leaving immediately after dinner. I started to look for an event host and I found KV online. We were in the Philippines in April so we decided to meet with KV at our hotel. He was very professional and we were impressed with how he presented his outline/proposal for our reception. We hired him and we communicated via e-mail. On our BIG day, everybody was impressed and complimenting us on our reception program. We started at 7pm and the party didn’t end until past 10pm. Both our relatives were asking us who KV is and they’re all praises with how he handled the program that they were not bored and his impressive voice when he sang The Prayer and The way you look tonight. Thank you KV for a memorable wedding reception.  

Jhan & Andrea Cukingnan

Wedding Reception Crown Plaza Hotel September 7, 2008 The first time Jhan and I met with KV, the first thing that came to our mind was “wow! I like his accent!” hehehe!! That’s why without any hesitation Jhan & I agreed to have him as our host, which I could say was a very good decision. KV is an incredible host & singer. We did not have a hard time with him because he got what we wanted on our first meeting and until the actual day, everything was smooth sailing!!! We would highly recommend KV as a host! Thanks so much again KV!!  

Weslie Gatchalian and Tiffany Chua

Engagement Ceremony G-Hotel, Roxas Boulevard July 6, 2008 I think that when I was praying to make our engagement as smooth and as flawless as possible, God answered our prayers by sending KV!! We found him by accident and what a wonderful accident it was!! Not only did we find a perfect host, we also found a great singer, planner, stylist and friend! He is a one man team who does everything with incredible gusto plus a little bit more extras thrown in. He is not your type of host who just does things because it is his job. He does it because he is so utterly passionate about what he does and that is why he is such a natural in his execution…from our first meeting down to the very day of our engagement, every detail was impeccably flawless– thanks to his inputs! I would have to say that it is true that KV can turn a simple event to an entirely different level of experience. If there was one word to describe KV it would have to be AWESOME, If there was one word to describe our engagement ,it would be PERFECT… See you again on May 9!!  

Monica Reyes

Debut Palm Country Club August 30,2008 Having been to different debuts, I knew that one of the most important elements to a successful party was the program. I was so afraid of having a forgetable birthday just because of my program. Working with KV enabled me to let go of that fear. He added fun twists like interactive games and unexpected awards. My guests kept commenting that my party was definitely enjoyable and I attribute this to KV’s ability to fill in every moment with memorable things like his own song numbers or audience interaction. I am very glad that KV was there to create an impressive flow and execute it flawlessly. Thank you KV. My 18th birthday exceeded all my expectations thanks to you!  

Sherwin & Mariette Yu

Wedding Reception Makati Shangri La Hotel April 19,2008 I would recommend KV for any function. KV was the MC at our wedding, and he did a remarkable job. KV’s commanding stage presence and unpretentious style will make any function run more smoothly. KV’s timing was good and he kept the program on schedule and ensured the guests were continually entertained, allowing us to relax and enjoy the evening. KV brought his spontaneous humor and sense of fun to make the evening enjoyable and memorable. From children to grandparents, KV has a repertoire to suit everyone. If you are looking for a host, look no further than KV.  

Jonathan and Leslie Ang

Wedding Reception Le Pavillion June 21, 2008 My husband and I were at a loss as to who was going to host our wedding. We knew what we wanted and did not want to happen in our wedding. We wanted it to be elegant and sophisticated yet fun and lively. We didn’t want a typical chinese host who would give that cluttered feel to our wedding. It was a good thing my coordinator recommended KV. He fit our budget and when we spoke to him, I knew right away he would be able to carry an event by himself. So we booked him without even seeing his work. Fortunately, I was not disappointed. KV met my expectations and even exceeded it. I didn’t realize he had such a nice voice. Plus he was very nice to work with, very flexible and dedicated to his craft. Definitely worth recommending. Thank you KV…and more projects to come.  

Michael and Avi Chua

Wedding Reception Makati Shangri La Hotel March 1, 2008 My husband and I believe that a successful wedding reception lies in the hands of the host. Our search for that elusive host who we felt would perfectly complement our wedding night festivities ended once we met KV. As soon as we spoke to him, we knew that this was the person we were looking for. He had the right amount of charisma that easily allowed him to connect with the guests in attendance. Having him host our wedding was truly a blessing. Thank you so much for filling the missing part on our special night. Job well done! God bless you and may you have more events to come!:)  

Tony and Emmy Sy

Wedding Reception Edsa Shangri La Hotel May 25, 2008 Hey KV! Thanks for the great show you put up for our wedding. This guys a pro. Always on time, performance level all the time! He was soooo good, some of my mom’s friends thought we were long time school mates! And when he took the stage, his charm and presense filled up the whole ballroom. For all you guys who are planning your reception program. Here’s the reality, there are no dress rehearsal. Its a one time hit or miss thing (that will be caught on video). You WILL need someone smart, witty, warm and easy on the eyes. KV is definitely your guy. Thanks Bro!  

Antonietta Ramona Faronilo

Debut Dusit Hotel January 12, 2008 KV is a wonderful host. Before the event, KV was very cooperative to every meeting. He is easy-talking-to with matters and dedicated to work. He listens, takes notes and many other. KV suggested a remarkable game. It was called “The Searcher-Searchee” game. It was a moment of laughter and fun. He does not only host but also entertains. He sang at my debut 3 songs. The guests were swaying to his singing that some sang along too. He went on every table and entertained them all. KV smiled throughout the program that family and friends felt very welcome. KV has the attention of the crowd every time he talks. All was listening. I may say, he connects with the audience that they respond to the program. He has a sense a humor that participants and guests kept up all night long and did not feel sleepy at all. He was flexible too during the program. When the coordinator tells him to prolong a segment, to shorten a portion he so does. The debut was successful and lively. Again, Thanks to KV and to the effort he has exerted.  

Santiago and Catherine Chua

80th Birthday Party Century Park Hotel March 9, 2008 Quick-witted and articulate, that is what a host should be, and such a man is KV. Amongst the seemingly daunting task of hosting a party, he was able to bring order to an otherwise chaotic and unpredictable event. With a powerful presence to boot, his patience and ability to adapt are just two of his great virtues. Not forgetting, his talent to croon and swing seems surreal to a captivated audience. And as icing to the cake, he seems to be having fun in the process and it translates well in the stage. Hats off to you sir, and kudos to a job well done.  

Michelle Casio – Academic Program Manager, Microsoft Philippines Inc.

The Legend Villas February 29, 2008 Corporate events success’ can be attributed to so many factors. One big factor is choosing the right host or emcee. Our latest Innovative Teachers Awards attributed for DepEd public school teachers would have not been off to a good start if not for KV – who was so OC to review the videos, looked at the guide scripts and interviewed some people for his reference! We were impressed! As expected, it was a breeze for him and the entire event ended successful. I’ve had my own stint of hosting, mostly for friends, but this guy is a pro…Thank you so much KV! More power!  

Jayson and Janilyn Dy

Montgomery Place, main Clubhouse March 14, 2008 We would like to thank you for being a great host to our party. Many of our friends and relatives were so amazed at your energy and ability to make the party fun and lively. You delivered the event very well and according to what we hoped it to be… “fun and memorable”. We send you our sincerest thank you and we are going to recommend you to our friends’ weddings or events. We are happy to give you our testimonial for your website. Have a great day and more power:)  

Jonathan and Jarms Dy

Gloria Maris Restaurant Greenhills February 24, 2008 From the program planning to the execution, KV was a true professional. He ensured that everything went smoothly during the reception and kept everyone entertained. We were a bit apprehensive that having a Chinese singing emcee might only be appreciated by our more “mature” guests, but KV proved to be lively, energetic, and not too old-fashioned — definitely a hit even with the younger crowd.  

Nik and Cris Barancik

Wack Wack William J. Shaw Pavilion January 29, 2008 KV was amazing as a host and singer. He left the guests enthralled with his smooth, creamy voice and powerful baritone. Move over Josh and Michael! A sudden silence fell upon the room as he crooned the first notes of the song “The Prayer” and even sang the Italian parts perfectly. As a host, he engaged the guests in humorous banter and came up with a beautiful thanksgiving prayer right then and there, when we realized that our priest wasn’t there to say it. Very quick on his feet and very professional. He took it upon himself to make sure that the guests were constantly entertained and there was no dull moment. Thank you KV for an astounding performance. Our wedding wouldn’t have been half as wonderful and memorable without you.  

Jess and Tenny de Vera

C3 Events Center January 19, 2008 Thank you for emceeing our 27th wedding anniversary party. You’re great. Everyone had a blast. I and Jess truly enjoyed your voice and craftmanship. You are very good looking too and well presentable. I will definitely recommend you to my friends in the Phils and US in their future celebrations. Take care and we’ll keep in touch.  

Marvin and Nathalyn Yu

Century Seafood Restaurant January 6, 2008 It is our privilege to have had KV as our host at our wedding. It was truly an honor. He was very professional and even more, so patient with the little details. He sincerely understood how important it was for a bride that her day would go by perfectly and did his best to make that happen. KV is lively, perky, and very spontaneous. He made our guests really listen to the program. KV, thanks so much for everything.. 🙂 More power to you. 🙂  

Keith and Nikki Tiu

Jumbo Floating Restaurant October 27, 2007 KV is very professional and talented. He is “new” in this industry (compared to others) but he’s very professional in both his singing and his hosting. We both appreciate him for making our wedding reception memorable! He even sang good chinese songs for us and my husband and I really appreciate it! His charisma and talent, we’re sure will make him successful, not someday, but we can see it happening NOW. KV, thanks for everything!!! Goodluck !!!  

Michael and Janette Sy

Hyatt Hotel and Casino November 17, 2007 Need an events host? Wedding host and singer? KV Golamco is the Man! I first saw his card from a photographer acquaintance of mine. Coz he knew that We (me and Janette) were looking for one… but at that time i was kinda skeptical.. The reason being is that I have never heard of him. Then we met him in person at a wedding fair in Shangri-La and talked to him and I was impressed with his command of English so i told my wife-to-be that time that i wanted him to host our wedding. And i didn’t regret the decision. He did the program concepts, game and the sequences of the program.. like what will come first and believe me the program went through many revisions. Bottom line our (Me and Janette) wedding couldn’t have garnered much applause from our peers who attended our wedding if it weren’t for him. KV Golamco thank you very much man!!!  

Frederick and Mary Anne Lim

Edsa Shangri La Hotel December 16, 2007 Our wedding program would not have been that great without KV as our host. He really had brightened our special night with the beautiful songs that he perfectly sung for us. Our family, relatives and friends have really enjoyed the way he approached and connected with our guests while singing one of our favorite songs. What’s more, KV had his way of seamlessly filling up the gaps between program segments, technical problems and lull time during the food parade, without which our dream night would’ve been a chaos. It was indeed a perfect decision to have gotten KV as part of our momentous event. Kudos for a great job, KV!  

John and Sharon Pesengco

Makati Shangri La Hotel October 14, 2007 KV is a great host. When you make an appointment with him, he will surely arrive on time or even earlier. He is very flexible in all his arrangements with you. He’s very energetic and makes the wedding lively.  

Jessa Reña

Hyatt Hotel and Casino September 29, 2007 Even until now, even if weeks and months have passed, my debut celebration is still being talked about. It was probably the place, the food, or the event itself, but i know that the host played a really big role in making my birthday a successful one. Even if it was KV’s first time to host an 18th birthday (he’s more of a wedding person :p), he executed it perfectly. my friends and families had a wonderful time with his excellent hosting and wonderful singing. What probably made him different from other hosts is that he adjusts his services according to the celebrant. He doesn’t host as if on routine. He hosts as according to the personality of the celebrant, the mood of the night, and the people present. One more thing that i admire about him is that he is really well prepared. He would consistently remind me of various things i need to prepare, and all things that he does are known and approved by me. He made sure that the program was followed smoothly, and according to how i wanted it to be. My birthday has indeed been spectacular! thank you!  

Ryan & Geraldine Sy

Edsa Shangri-La Hotel September 16, 2007 Committed, is the one word I saw in KV when he hosted our wedding last September. From the meetings before the big day and minutes before the reception, he always takes into account every minute detail of our program to prepare himself accordingly. Thanks a lot KV.  

Mark & Hazel Ngo

Makati Shangri-La Hotel February 25, 2007 Feb 25, 2007, was a very memorable day for us. On this momentous occasion, it was our privilege to have KV as our host emcee, A true professional. Thanks for being part of our special day, Bro. I am sure you are going to have many more events to cover and be part of… =) Hats- off to you pare. More power bro. Kita kits… ingat. God bless.  

Myrna Yao and Kimberly Tan

80th Birthday Party Gloria Maris – Roxas Blvd. September 9, 2007 The 80th Birthday of my Mom Mrs Regina Tang would not have been successful without your perfect coordination and handling of the program. The two songs you rendered were just perfect for the occassion. I would like to extend my utmost appreciation for the service you shared which made my family very happy.  

Derrick and Abigail Imasa

10th Wedding Anniversary The Peninsula Manila July 22, 2007 KV, you did a remarkable job hosting our 10th Wedding Anniversary at The Peninsula Manila. You truly found your calling. Everyone was so impressed. Thanks for singing Josh Groban’s “The Prayer”. You sang brilliantly too, serenading the guests with a voice of an experienced balladeer. You showed professionalism and expertise at your work while exuding an aura of friendliness, the traits that will cement your status as one of the most sought after Emcee/Host and singer. You have become a part of a very wonderful experience that we will keep in our memories for the rest of our lives. With that, we THANK YOU so much for helping us make our 10th Wedding Anniversary the most enjoyable and memorable one.  

Gretch and Nimfa Santos

July 7, 2007 Plaza Ibarra, Timog “First, I would like to extend my gratitude to KV for hosting my mother’s dinner-dance birthday celebration. Secondly, I would like to commend him for being a very active participant in all the planning. He has brilliant ideas which translate well into the event itself. He is also very flexible and easy to deal with. Most of all, his enthusiasm and passion made the night one to remember. Good luck in your future endeavors KV.”  

JP and Jane Zulueta

April 20 , 2007 Gloria Maris Shark’s Fin Restaurant, Greenhills I We had a memorable wedding and wonderful reception even with the little time to prepare. You managed to make the affair more personal and entertain all our guests, both young and old. We also enjoyed you serenading us. You’re really a total performer… Thanks for helping make our day more special!  

Rupert and Rachelle Sykat

February 4, 2007 Hacienda Isabella, Indang Cavite KV’s full of surprises. We knew KV had a penchant for the performing arts, but never did we expect him to take this direction. Rach and I were quite surprised when he said he could host our wedding. Without hesitating, we said ‘yes’. We’d be most delighted to have him do our reception. And, in all honestly, we were also very curious as to what he had to offer. After a wonderful night of fun and music, what can we say, KV amazed us. He can sing, he makes a great host, and he’s hilarious (dance na lang para complete na). We didn’t have time to put together a script for the reception program, no problem, he got it covered. KV literally saved us from a potentially dreary event. You’d think he’d run out of steam with all the things he can put together for you, let him surprise you. He’s just oozing with energy and ideas. KV, more power to you! May each one be better than the last.  

Francis and Raquel Ong

January 06, 2007 Greenhills West Clubhouse We, Francis and Raquel would like to extend our thanks to you for hosting our wedding last January. There was never a dull moment in the reception that time because of your superb hosting job. You really made us happy when you sing some of our favorite songs… Again Thank you for the services! God Bless….  

Brian and Jackie Go

October 29, 2006 Yong Fu Restaurant Shanghai, China KV’s captivating voice gave a whole new meaning to Martin Nievera’s song of Ikaw and made our first dance even more memorable.  

Ken and Brinna Makalintal

February 12, 2005 Manila Peninsula Hotel, Makati We can attest to the fact that this guy won’t let you down as a wedding emcee. KV’s got all the “goods”, so to speak, when it comes to wedding entertainment. Not to forget, he also has a killer “singing voice” to boot, which he only recently revealed. We can only thank him so much as he really gave a cool but lively and spontaneous performance as an emcee in our wedding reception. It can be said that the entertainment level would be several notches lower if it had not been for KV. In other words, you really can’t go wrong with the guy! To a great fellow and friend, lots of wedding cheers and wedding bells (hopefully soon-he!he!)!  

Edwin and Jeosen Cua

June 4, 2006 Le Pavilion, Roxas Boulevard, Manila Nothing could make or break a wedding (or any event for that matter!) than the emcee. After all, the person entrusted with this job could easily make the most boring event entertaining, or the most superbly-planned wedding a cringe-worthy event for the guests and especially the bride and groom (or other persons footing the bill :D). In the case of my wedding, I have to say that entrusting the emceeing to KV and co-host Karen is certainly one of the most crucial decisions that Edwin (my husband) and I made, and I have to say that we made the right choice. Right off the bat, everybody involved in the wedding preparations saw his dedication to the job at hand; from learning the songs we wanted (even if it wasn’t in his list), to working with the band and the director, KV made sure that he got the plan right. In short, in an event with a thousand details to worry about, KV was the very least of our concerns. And on the wedding itself, he was in his element, all charming and wonderful, even though just days before the event, he was wondering how he and Karen could handle 600 guests (we forgot to tell them)! After all, emceeing is not just about introducing singers and guests, it’s about putting people at ease, moving the programme along at the right pace, and most importantly, it’s about setting the mood and making sure that there aren’t any awkward moments. Grandiose at announcing the newly-weds, formal when introducing the sponsors, romantic when talking about the newly-wed’s love story, and funny during the garter-and-bouquet event; KV and Karen got it down pat. His English and Tagalog are flawless, and he even threw in some Mandarin to please our parents 😀 To top it all off, he’s just so fun and easy to work with! Oh, did I mention this guy could sing? My husband and I did our first dance to KV singing “That’s All”…. that’s all!